Lomography Lobster Redscale Film Review

I can’t say that I’m a fan of Lobsters. They have those beady little eyes, huge scary claws, and a hard shell that’s ready for war. Lomography’s Lobster Redscale film in 110 though? That I’m a fan of.

Store-Bought Redscale?

Recently I was testing out a Kodak Ektra Tele camera and picked up a few different types of Lomography films to test it out with. Their “Tiger color” which is a standard color negative film, Metropolis, a Bleach bypass emulation, and some Lobster Redscale.

I’ve been shooting Redscale films few several years, but this is the first roll of manufactured redscale I’ve tried. Usually, I just DIY my own because it’s super cheap and easy.

Going into shooting this film I didn’t really have the highest of hopes for Lobster. The smaller size of 110 can lend itself to significantly lower image quality when compared to negatives with larger surface areas like 35mm or 120.

However, I was pleasantly surprised after receiving my scans back. Lobster was actually cleaner looking than the images shot on Metropolis or Tiger color.

A Multiple ISO Film?

Lobster is said to be a 200 iso film, but like many of Lomography’s films, the iso is somewhat variable. The results can change fairly dramatically if given more or less light during exposure. When shot at other speeds you can expect different degrees of color shifts in your images. This is kind of a marketing ploy, though, because redscaling any film, in general, creates a color-shifting effect depending on if it is under or overexposed. I go into more of the ‘why’ about redscale color shifting in this post.

The Bottom Line

So, if you’re looking for an opinion on whether or not you should try Lomography’s redscale 110 offering? Here’s my take: Yes, you should go play with Lobsters.

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